Amazon has announced that it will be closing 68 brick-and-mortar stores, including several in New Jersey.

According to CNBC, a total of 68 stores among the Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star, and Amazon Pop Up shops chains in the United States and the UK will be closing over the next several months.

However, fans of Amazon-owned stores like Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh outlets have nothing to worry about. Those stores will remain open while plans for newer concepts like its Amazon Style clothing stores will move forward.

While Amazon continues to be a mega-billion-dollar online success story, the company found operating physical stores to be a completely different story. Sales at its brick-and-mortar stores have been noticeably lagging behind over the past few years, according to CNBC.

Whole Foods in Cherry Hill NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Whole Foods in Cherry Hill NJ - Photo: Google Maps

Amazon Books has one location in New Jersey at Garden State Plaza in Paramus.

Amazon 4-star locations in the Garden State are in East Rutherford at the new American Dream mall and also in Wayne. Amazon lists a Cherry Hill location as "coming soon" on their website; that location was planned for inside Cherry Hill Mall.

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Get our free mobile app reports Amazon generated nearly $4.7 billion in revenue from its physical stores, mostly from Whole Foods, in the quarter that ended on December 31st, which represented about 3% of the company's sales.

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