The flag only flies once a year because of its sentimental value. It was stolen from a flagpole on Monday, July 4th.

This same flag once draped over the casket of Patrick M. Corcoran. Corcoran died at the age of 19 in Vietnam in 1969.

The North Wildwood Police Department posted this message on their Facebook page to anyone with information on the missing flag:

Yesterday, July 4th, an American flag was taken from a flagpole at 101 E. 11th Avenue in North Wildwood. This flag was the same flag that was laid on the casket of Patrick M. Corcoran in 1969 and was given to his family. Patrick Corcoran, a graduate of Father Judge HS in Philadelphia, died in Vietnam fighting for our country! The Corcoran family flies the flag one day a year, on the 4th of July.

Our Detective Division is actively investigating this theft. If anyone has any information, please contact us at (609) 522-2411 or at

The Corcoran family simply wants their flag back, no questions asked.

Share this post with everyone and anyone who will listen!  Let's get that flag back to the rightful owners!

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