Ducktown Tavern owner John Exadaktilos is living proof that you don’t have to possess an elected title to take effective action and make a meaningful difference.

The Atlantic City Marty Small administration has known for many months that residents at the Stanley S. Holmes Village Apartments have not had working heat in their homes.

The Small administration took no action whatsoever as the cold weather arrived.

Yesterday, Johnny X, as he is affectionately known took action on his own.

We have learned that Exadaktilos went to a local Home Depot yesterday and purchased dozens of portable heaters.

John Exadaktilos photo.
John Exadaktilos photo.
John Exadaktilos photo.
John Exadaktilos photo.

Exadaktilos’ actions will make the affected residents at the Stanley S. Holmes Village Apartments more comfortable and perhaps even save lives as the colder winter weather is fast approaching.

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Atlantic City Council President appeared on-air with us yesterday, Tuesday, December 6, 2022.

Tibbitt was highly critical of Small and his administration for their failure to act.

”He (Small) will hold a phony press conference, and, blame the federal government. But, he is responsible for the Atlantic City Housing Authority. They have long known about this problem,” said Tibbitt.

”The Mayor should have long ago taken action on his own, purchase portable heaters and help the affected residents,” said Tibbitt.

The lack of leadership at the local Atlantic City executive branch regarding this basic need is indefensible. The gap was filled on this occasion by a citizen, John Exadaktilos.

This is a great human interest story about how one industrious man, willing to help others, can make a materially difference in the lives of Atlantic City residents who were being left to fend for themselves in the cold.

It’s an example of everything that is right in these challenging times.

NOTE: There are 420 units at the Stanley S. Holmes Village Apartments.

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