I know that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy didn’t do this at the last moment to purposely hurt our casinos and area restaurants.

Some feel much differently then I do. And, their pain is understandably excruciating.

Just a few days before indoor dining in New Jersey was to resume, Governor Murphy has reversed himself and now indoor dining will not be allowed in New Jersey on an indefinite basis.

Because of the Governor’s decision today, my phone will not stop ringing.

And, people are furious about it. I’ve never before heard some of the things that have been said to me today.

I’ve spoken with multiple people who only have enough money to hold on for the next two weeks.

They are both angry and scared.

We have hit the critical moment of truth. Already about 25 percent of New Jersey restaurants are gone, many forever.

How can anyone stay afloat with little to no revenue coming in for going on 4 months?

Consider this. The Atlantic City Casinos and New Jersey restaurants have purchased (all told) millions of dollars in food for their re-openings for indoor dining. Not to mention all of the cleaning, sanitation supplies and many other expenses.

What are they going to do with all of this food that they have purchased for their grand re-openings?

Most every restaurant owner that I have spoken with today remarked that at re-opening at the 25 percent capacity levels meant they would make no money, but, that they could pay some bills.

I full well understand, appreciate and respect that we are dealing with a potentially deadly virus/disease.

Get ready. Peoples anger is going to reach a new level, never before seen. We are headed for dangerous, unknown territory.

Please try to find a way to be as kind as humanly possible to your fellow man/woman. In many cases, people that we have all known for a lifetime are very close to losing everything that they have.

We all want everyone to stay safe and healthy. However, having your life’s work destroyed, is also debilitating and devastating.

It is imperative that an immediate new round of economic stimulus must be approved.

Our elected officials at all levels must get right on this. There is absolutely no time to waste.

The Casinos and restaurants around the state have spent months preparing for this Thursday, July 2, 2020 re-opening.

Now what?

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