I have learned and confirmed that the Atlantic City Housing Authority has hired a new executive director.

This move came exactly two days after former executive director Matt Doherty said on-air during our live interview that the Atlantic City Housing Authority could not hire necessary maintenance staff without having an executive director on staff.

Last night, Tom Sahlin was hired as the new Atlantic City Housing Authority executive director. Sahlin is the former executive director in Asbury Park and was the Chief Operating Officer … who served under Doherty at the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

This means that the Atlantic City Housing Authority will be paying full salary for two executive directors at the same time.

Doherty will be paid his prorated $ 160,000 salary through the end of 2023.

In yet another truth is stranger than fiction moment of truth … the Atlantic City Housing Authority has also hired a redevelopment consultant … despite the fact that there are No redevelopment projects.

John Clarke has been hired as a consultant at the rate of $ 175 per-hour.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority also lost in their effort to have board member Charmaine Hall removed for her “resignation” … which was not a resignation.

Atlantic City Council Solicitor Robert Tarver ruled earlier this week that only the Atlantic City Council has the authority to accept or reject Hall’s so-called “resignation.”

The Atlantic City Housing Authority has still not formulated a plan to make sure that the residents of the Stanley Holmes Village apartments have heat and hot water this upcoming winter season.

This must be done without delay.

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