The Atlantic City Police Department, Law Enforcement Explorer Post 14 is a great program for young men and women.

The basic requirement for eligibility is that the applicant must have completed the sixth grade and the program is open to those young adults up to 20-years-old … who are interested in career in law enforcement and other positions within the criminal justice system.

Atlantic City Police Chief James Sarkos administered the oath office for the following promotions:

  • To Captain - Griselda Zuniga
  • To Lieutenant - Betzabeth Castaneda
  • To Sergeant - Ramar Curley
  • To Sergeant - Andrew Bing-Lester
  • To Sergeant - Elena Cabrera
Atlantic City Police Department photo.
Atlantic City Police Department photo.

The promotional ceremony took place on Saturday, March 23, 2023.

Just look at the visible pride demonstrated in the photo above. It’s awesome.

We caught-up with Chief Sarkos who said:

“We have a very diverse group of explorers who we hope will consider a career in law enforcement,” said Sarkos.

”We have two full time officers Consuelo Moldonado and Michael Zuniga who were previous AC Police explorers, AC Police Class Il's and now full time officers. They were both present and pinned the new badges on the promoted explorers,” said Sarkos.

Sarkos possesses Accredited Command Executive Certification - NJSACOP.

A youth program such as the explorer program is more important than ever as it provides young persons with distinct training and awareness of the criminal justice system.

The participants also receive practical, hands-on experiences and they are afforded with opportunities to participate in competitions and other designated activities.

The explorer program promotes :

  • personal growth.
  • character development.
  • respect for the rule of law.
  • physical fitness.
  • good citizenship.
  • patriotism.

There is a lot of bad news these days.

The Atlantic City Police Department Explorer Post 14 is a positive and productive program that offers young persons with a great opportunity to pursue a career in law enforcement.

SOURCE: Atlantic City Police Department.

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