It reads like a political spy novel. A county elected official has made a serious allegation about Atlantic County’s top law enforcement official.

In public comments made by Atlantic County Commissioner Ernest Coursey on November 1, 2022, Coursey accuses Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds of potentially holding back the future promotion of an ACPO staff member.

It’s a serious quid pro quo allegation of sorts.

The Coursey comments about Will Reynolds were made during a radio interview on WEHA radio. This part of the story was first reported by Mel Reynolds, Downbeach Buzz.

NOTE: Mel Reynolds is no relation to the Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds.

Coursey said that a potential promotion would be held back within the Atlantic County Prosecutors office if the Mayor of Ventnor, Beth Maccagnano Holtzman endorsed Coursey for re-election.

Coursey alleges that Holtzman, a Republican intended to endorse Coursey, a Democrat for re-election to the Atlantic County Board of Commissioners.

The ACPO staff member in question is Holtzman’s boyfriend.

Coursey also publicly blamed Senator Vince Polistina, Atlantic County Republican Chairman Don Purdy, along with Will Reynolds for the loss of an alleged Mayor Holtzman endorsement.

Accusing two political figures is one thing. You can write that off as dirty politics.

However, accusing the Prosecutor of engaging in a scheme to hold back a future promotion is a very serious allegation.

Coursey is known for making outrageous public comments.

For example, there is this one:

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The allegation by Coursey about Will Reynolds has no basis in fact and Holtzman has strenuously denied it ever happened.

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Holtzman is also very unhappy that her personal life has been brought into this election campaign.

We interviewed Holtzman about Coursey’s allegations.

“It’s not true. That’s how people misinterpret things. Political party’s need to stop fighting and work for all the people of county,” said Holtzman.

“They need to back off of me and my personal life,” added Holtzman.

“This is why I have no aspirations to be anything more than mayor of my town because of the ugly that goes on is not who I am and never will be,” said Holtzman.

“Basically because his (boyfriend’s) job is a no zone from politics … I have to stay in my own lane,” said Holtzman.

There is “no politics in the prosecutor’s office with Will Reynolds,” said Holtzman.

Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds photo.
Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds photo.

We have also spoken to Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds. And, although the Coursey allegation is false, Reynolds did not take it lightly.

Reynolds has issued this exclusive statement to us as follows:

“As the Atlantic County Prosecutor, I am bound by the code of ethics promulgated by the Attorney General’s office. According to the guidelines, county prosecutors, assistant county prosecutors, detectives, investigators or their office managers "shall not engage in any political activity" with political defined as "affecting the election to public office or political party office of a specific candidate or candidates or of the candidates of a particular political party in general."

“As such, and in compliance with the above code of ethics, I would like to be clear that I never made that statement or directed anyone from the organization or otherwise to make such a statement on my behalf. Likewise, I have never allowed and will never allow politics to impact any personnel decision. Our office will have no further comment,” said Reynolds.

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