With the start of Memorial Day Weekend, summertime is unofficially here. That means those of us in South Jersey will be welcoming with open arms (more or less) all of our friends and relatives from neighboring states.

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For the next few months, our beaches, boardwalks, roads, parking lots, Wawas, and everything in between will be jammed.

And while we want those spending time at the Jersey Shore to have lots of fun (and spend lots of money) and enjoy all that our state has to offer (and spend lots of money), we have one request.

Please stop pooping on the beach.

Dropping deuces - Photo: Canva
Dropping deuces - Photo: Canva

No, seriously.

Enough with the poop.

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and I stumbled upon a conversation about locals opining about our friends from Pennsylvania and Delaware. There, someone asked what the worst thing was that you have ever seen a shoobie do at the beach.

Needless to say, the replies were voluminous.

And a lot of them involved poop.

Scroll through this list of what locals from South Jersey have seen shoobies do here at the shore.

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