This will be the first Super Bowl where we have sports betting in New Jersey and you'll always remember your first big game wager.

If you're smart, you'll put it on the Patriots.

Could the Rams win the game? Of course, but the Chargers and Chiefs could have won their games too. In fact if you just want to go recent Super Bowls, the Seahawks could have beat them and it looked like they were going to. That is until Malcolm Butler made an interception on a play Seattle barely used, but New England had practiced for it just in case.

The Falcons had a 28-3 halftime lead and their fans were dancing in the stands until the Pats came back to beat them in overtime. Whenever you think this miraculous Patriot run is coming to an end, they just get stronger.

The Rams are young with a young coach in Sean McVay and a young quarterback in Jared Goff. They'll be back. The Patriots are old with a forty something quarterback and sixty something head coach, but you get the feeling that they'll be back as well...and back and back. So do yourself a favor, if you're going to make a bet at least think long and hard about New England, or you could be thinking and regretting long and hard all game. Don't believe me? Just ask any Jets fan.

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