President Joe Biden reported to the American people that there are not any supply chain issues that presently exist.

Perhaps The President isn’t experiencing any difficulties fulfilling his needs. However, that’s not the current reality in America, today.

Here is just one very real example. Chicken is an important staple for many American families.

Here are very recent photos that were taken at two different ShopRite supermarkets in the chicken section:

  • Galloway Township, New Jersey
  • Absecon, New Jersey

The first two photos below are from The ShopRite in Galloway Township, New Jersey:

Shoprite Galloway Township, NJ - Kevin Walls photo.
ShopRite - Galloway Township, NJ - Kevin Walls photo.

To provide you with additional evidence of the basic supply chain disruption issues here is a very recent photo taken in the chicken section of ShopRite in Absecon, New Jersey. It tells the same sad story.

ShopRite - Absecon, New Jersey- Jeff Crane photo.
ShopRite - Absecon, New Jersey- Jeff Crane photo.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic of the (nearly) past two years, can you ever remember during your entire lifetime ever witnessing shortages such as this?

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And, it’s not just a chicken shortage. There are many other basic needs (items) that have become more and more difficult to fulfill.

Additionally, even if you can find what you’re looking for, you’ll usually experience a purchase limit of one or two items.

At the same time, inflation is also spiraling out of control, currently at the highest level (7 percent) in 40 years. This very bad number doesn’t include food and energy products.

This means that the real inflation rate is well into the double digits in reality.

By comparison, exactly one year ago today, inflation was at a manageable 1.4 percent.

It’s disrespectful and dishonest when America’s leader continues to state that there are no supply chain issues … even going so far as to say that the current supplies are within 2% of what was on the shelves prior to the pandemic.

This statement just doesn’t square with what’s really going on right now in America.

Respectfully, our national leaders will not be able to fix the serious supply chain issues that we are currently facing … until they admit that there is a problem in the first place.

NOTE: Thank you to listeners and readers Kevin Walls and Jeff Crane for providing us the the photos above.

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