The borough of Bound Brook is paying a Rahway man more than $600,000 to settle an excessive force lawsuit that he filed in connection with his arrest years ago.

Alfred Lawson, who sued Bound Brook, its police force, and multiple officers in 2018, is receiving $675,000 from the borough, according to documents filed in the settlement.

The settlement was first reported by TransparencyNJ. The settlement is dated March 7, 2023.

In the lawsuit, Lawson claims that he was "initially assaulted" before being handcuffed during his arrest on Oct. 24, 2015. Once handcuffed, the suit states, Lawson was "dragged" "quite a distance" to a police vehicle.

Prior to being placed in the vehicle, and while still handcuffed, the suit says, defenseless Lawson was "violently punched" by numerous officers.

No officers intervened to stop the alleged assault, the suit says. Lawson had to be transported to a local hospital for injuries.

The lawsuit adds that multiple officers "falsified their reports in an attempt to cover up the vicious assault," and that none of the officers ordered an investigation into Lawson's injuries.

Bound Brook officers arrested Lawson after being dispatched to an intersection on reports of a fight. Lawson was eventually sentenced to four years behind bars for aggravated assault and criminal mischief damage of property.

According to, Lawson has a criminal record and has spent time behind bars multiple times, including once for aggravated assault on a first responder.

Police told that Lawson "resisted arrest and fought with officers" during the October 2015 incident.

Generally, paying a settlement is not an admission of guilt.

A number of the officers named in the suit have either retired or no longer work for the department.

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