LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP — A cat found in a Cumberland County landfill is resting at a local animal sanctuary after being found to have a BB gun pellet lodged in her skull, according to the team that is caring for the animal.

The non-profit Freedom Farm Animal Rescue has been sharing updates on Grace since her rescue over the weekend from a dumpster in a landfill in the Cedarville section of town.

"We have had a lot of interest in adopting Grace, however she is a completely feral cat" according to the Freedom Farm Animal Rescue Facebook page.

The organization originally thought Grace had a broken limb, as she was not using one of her front legs when she attempted to but failed to climb from the dumpster. But an X-ray instead showed what appears to be a pellet from a BB gun within the animal's skull. The rescue group said it appears to be an older injury that has since healed around the area, as it does not seem to be causing the cat any discomfort.

At the time of her rescue, the cat's "back feet were bloody and her claws were all split and broken from trying to free herself from the dumpster," the group said on its Facebook page.

The organization also has been raising funds to go toward Grace's care and that of other animals.

This past winter, the same sanctuary took in a cat after it was found shot with a crossbow arrow.

That calico cat, named Audrey, was shot sometime on Jan. 12, also in the Cedarville section of the township, in the area of Main and Maple avenues, police said.

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