Gov. Chris Christie on Friday night took a break from his Twitter postings about the holidays and the scourge of addiction in order to lay into Democratic lawmakers who are opposing a bill that would allow municipalities to post mandated legal notices on their websites instead of in local newspapers.

The bill is opposed by the newspaper industry, which would lose millions of dollars in revenue. Critics say the move would cloud government transparency and some have claimed that the measure is Christie's way of punishing an adversarial press.

But Christie, whose approval rating has plummeted below 20 percent, found little love in the Twitter-verse, as journalists instant fact-checked him and angry constituents, fuming over a legislative deal that would allow him to profit off a book in exchange for spending tens of millions of dollars on salary raises for judges and top-level officials, ripped him a new one in 140 characters or less.

The governor's tweets, which some noted seemed inspired by his friend and president-elect Donald Trump, targeted state Sens. Loretta Weinberg and Robert Gordon and Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who all voted for a similar bill in 2004.

Weinberg and Wisniewski, by the way, led the legislative investigation into the George Washington Bridge scandal.

In 10 separate back-to-back tweets, Christie called "hypocrisy" on their "flip-flops."

But others on Twitter had some choice words of their own for Christie.

And it went on and on.

Weinberg responded on Twitter:

The Legislature returns Monday to vote on the proposals.

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