Mitt Romney has invited New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to speak at a conference of political donors in June by Mitt Romney.

Governors Chris Christie and Mitt Romney
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

The Republican will speak at Romney's "Experts and Enthusiasts" conference in June according to the Star Ledger which describes the event as a gathering of " donors and 'thought leaders'"

"Mitt views Governor Christie as an incredibly effective governor, one of the future leaders of the party and as a person the conference attendees would want to hear," Romney political advisor Lisa Myers told the paper in an e-mail. "Many of the attendees know Governor Christie well because he was an early and solid Romney supporter."

Christie was Romney's most outspoken campaigner during the Presidential campaign until Superstorm Sandy took Christie off the campaign trail and focused on storm relief efforts in New Jersey. Many blame Christie's perceived friendliness with President Obama as a reason Romney lost the race.

Romney has said he blames nobody but himself for losing the election for President and has reportedly donated the legal limit to Christie's gubernatorial camopaign.


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