In response to a controversial New Jersey state department of the education plan, United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-2 is proposing legislation to “combat New Jersey's Policy to teach 'Gender Identity' to elementary schoolers in the fall."

"Instead of teaching our second graders about math, science, and reading, Governor Murphy and the state of New Jersey are threatening the safety and security of our school children," said Van Drew.

"While every child should go to school and feel accepted and comfortable, we should not be compromising the safety of our young children by allowing restrooms and changing rooms be available to any child regardless of their actual gender,” Van Drew continued.

Van Drew cited an example last year, a terrible event that took place in Loudon County Virginia, “when a young girl was sexually assaulted in the girl's restroom by a boy who dressed in girls' clothing."

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Van Drew believes that it is the job of a legislator to protect their constituents and he feels that New Jersey is doing just the opposite.

Gov. Phil Murphy slams republicans still not accepting election results, incl. NJ U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (OIT/NJ Governor's Office, Rep. Jeff Van Drew)
Gov. Phil Murphy slams republicans still not accepting election results, incl. NJ U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (OIT/NJ Governor's Office, Rep. Jeff Van Drew)

“These children are young. They are concerned with improving their reading and writing. Not learning about gender identity and sexual orientation,” said Van Drew.

Van Drew also notes that parents are outraged by their 6 and 7-year-olds being taught such graphically, sexual things at such a young age.

Van Drew concludes by saying that “[This] is outrageous. This is unbelievable. This is just wrong."

"In response to these radical policies being put forth by the state of New Jersey, I am drafting a federal response by introducing legislation that will require parents to be informed of any classroom discussion relating to gender identity and sexual orientation," said Van Drew.

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