Is the media simply displaying an abundance of caution?

Or could it be that they are purposely overhyping the Coronavirus in order to use it as a geopolitical weapon to damage President Donald Trump during his critical re-election year?

I am all for proper preparedness. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

This issue deserves our attention and it’s no doubt a serious matter.

But, I’m starting to believe that there’s much more to this than meets the eye.

President Trump will hold a press conference tonight at 6:00 p.m. to address the Coronavirus.

Here are the actual numbers. There have been slightly more than 81,000 cases of Coronavirus, worldwide, covering more than 39 countries.

By comparison, we have had more than 40 million cases of the flu just in the United States in the past 4 months.

There were 8,096 cases of SARS worldwide between 2002-2004. This was when then President George W. Bush was running for re-election.

The American media went hysterical at that time and overhyped it to the max.

Just like when the American media went ballistic that there was a supposed flu vaccine shortage a number of years ago.

They prevented millions of Americans from getting their flu vaccine that year and then wound up throwing away tens of millions of good doses, that went unused.

The San Francisco Mayor has (today) declared a citywide, state of emergency. Why now?

We presently have 57 Coronavirus cases here in the United States.

All brought it here from cruise ships, or, China. No one in America has died.

Do you believe that the media hysteria is disproportionate to reality?

Just in, there are 83 people in Nassau County, New York that are being monitored.

I think the responsible thing for the media to have done here would have been to be quite serious and sobering about it, but, not declaring a hair on fire threat alert level.

The minute-by-minute sensational reporting describes that the American people are presently in a grip of fear regarding the Coronavirus. The media is creating the fear.

The upcoming Tokyo Olympics could be postponed or even cancelled. Due to the location, this is understandable.

Rush Limbaugh has been very outspoken about this. “It’s really being hyped as a deadly Andromeda strain or Ebola pandemic, as Oh my God, if you get it you’re dead,” said Limbaugh.

The survival rate at this point is 98 percent. This is a better survival rate than the flu. The media is not covering it with this level of context.

Yesterday’s pronouncement by the Center of Disease Control sounded the alarm that “It’s not a matter of if/but when” the Coronavirus hits sent American financial markets reeling.

The CDC has also issued Coronavirus travel advisories. They have also confirmed that it is under control here in America ... but, that we must remain on guard for the potential or likelihood that it may hit hard. This is responsible language.

The flip side to this is our partisan Democrats, who never let a good crisis go to waste. Just ask them. They’ll tell you.

As usual, no matter how serious the occasion, you can count on Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to trash The President.

They are parroting the lie that The President has “done too little, too late.”

These two Democrat leaders are an embarrassment and a disgrace.

At times of crisis, leaders of both major political parties used to unconditionally come together, regardless of how any issue could be exploited for political gain.

The truth is that President Trump immediately stopped air travel from China to America.

This was a crucial and decisive early decision. While there was understandable panic in China, President Trump stopped what could have been hundreds, possibly thousands of infected people trying to come to America.

Understandably, they were treatment and they desperately wanted to flee patient Ground Zero. You can’t blame them. It must have been terrifying, thinking that you could die.

The Trump Administration immediately engaged with Homeland Security, Health and Human Services and various other agencies and working partners in China and elsewhere and have worked the situation diligently and responsibly.

Despite all of this demonstrated proactivity, it certainly is beginning to look like the Coronavirus is being politically weaponized to bring down President Trump.

Let’s hope not.

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