METUCHEN — A teenage boy is lucky to still have 10 whole fingers after one got caught in a lawnmower on Tuesday morning.

The finger was saved thanks in no small part to the fact that the machine was not running, according to a post from the Metuchen Fire Department. Even with the engine off, the boy still managed to get his finger "bent backwards & jammed between the blade and the housing" of the mower, the department said.

"All of the attempts to move the blade or finger caused a great deal of pain and threatened further injury," the post said.

Metuchen Fire Department

First responders used a vise grip to help move the blade, eventually helping to free the finger.

Metuchen Fire Department

"End result, all digits were where they belong and after a quick trip to JFK to get checked out, he might even be able to come home and finish cutting the grass," the department said.

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