Warning all Netflix users: there's a scam email spreading around pretending to be from Netflix. In reality, it's trying to get your bank information.

Whoa, as an avid Netflix user myself, I probably would've fallen victim as well.

Mashable reports, customers have been receiving emails from "Netflix" asking users to update their account information. Within the email, users are told their account has been disabled, and they need to update their payment details.

A link on the email then directs them to a "Login Page" for the user to enter account information.

Considering I frequently receive emails from Netflix about all their new movies and shows, I wouldn't find this email out of the ordinary. So, I can definitely see how people can be easily fooled.

If you happen to get this email, do not respond to it and do not click anything. Netflix asks to instead to send an email to them immediately.

If you're unsure whether or not its a scam, here's a tip: hover the cursor over the link to see where it directs.

Otherwise, if you have been affected Netflix advises to change your password and inform your bank ASAP.


Source: Mashable | WGN

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