After seeing the photos of the crash that happened early Saturday, Nov 26 on Weymouth Road in Newtonville, Buena Vista Twp, you would never believe that the driver in the one-car crash walked away uninjured.

But, that's what happened.

First responders were called to the scene of a one-car crash into trees near 461 Weymouth Road in Buena at 1:39 am Saturday, Nov. 26. The call was for a one-car crash with the vehicle on fire. The first squad on the scene reported finding the vehicle had crashed into trees on the side of the road and caught on fire.

However, the driver, and only occupant, had been able to get out of the vehicle and was not injured, according to firefighters on the Collings Lake Fire Department page.

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Fire officials say they spent about 90 minutes on the scene cleaning up after the crash which completely demolished the car, but that there were no injuries reported.

No details were given about the identity of the very lucky driver or what caused the crash.

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