We just concluded an exclusive interview with United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, NJ-R-2 regarding the multi-count federal indictment of Robert Menendez, the Democratic United States Senator from New Jersey.

Van Drew is concerned about the seriousness of the disturbing allegations that are outlined in the 3 count federal indictment achieved by the United States Attorney’s Office from the Southern District of New York.

By phone today and during a live Fox News Radio national interview that I conducted with Van Drew (this past Friday) while serving as guest host for Guy Benson … Van Drew was fair and evenhanded when he openly discussed that Menendez should be provided with the “presumption of innocence, which is the bedrock of our legal system,” said Van Drew.

The Fox News national interview with Van Drew took place just hours after the Menendez indictment. I did not pose the question at that time… whether Van Drew was interested in a potential run for the United States Senate from New Jersey.

However, I did broach the topic directly just now.

Van Drew did not hesitate before answering … telling me … “Yes, I am seriously considering a potential run for the United States Senate, in light of the current circumstances,” said Van Drew.

”However, we are at a critical tipping point moment right now and I will devote my full attention on my current job. We must avoid a government shutdown and do so by making appropriate decisions on behalf of the American people that we serve,” said Van Drew.

I asked Van Drew, what calculations does he have to make before considering a potential launch for the United States Senate campaign.

”Fixing the current issue regarding our federal government to function properly and without interruption is my top priority at this time. We have so much positive and productive momentum going. We have accomplished much with our fiscally conservative philosophy of governance … coupled with the tremendous progress made with The House judiciary committee, and the house oversight committee,” said  Van Drew.

I also addressed the complications and impact of an extended federal government shutdown with Van Drew … who was very candid in his assessment saying, “if a possible government shut down lasted a few days that’s one thing. If it were to last for a few months, that’s all together different,“ said Van Drew.

If a shut down were to last for a few months, that would give Van Drew less than one year to mount a campaign in a densely populated state of more than 9 million people … Whereby a Republican has not won a United States Senate election in New Jersey and more than 50 years.

If ever there was a time for the right Republican to win, it may be now.

During a hastily called press conference earlier this morning, Menendez today was defiant and said that he will not be leaving the race, and that if party leaders took the nomination from him… that he would be looking at alternatives, such as running as an independent.

Menendez is asking for the presumption of innocence to be granted to him.

Regardless of his current indicted status, Menendez would spoil any such race, and it would almost certainly tip the Senate seat to a qualified Republican.

Van Drew is not yet a candidate for the United States Senate … however, he made it known to me that it is under serious consideration at this time.

Van Drew also made it crystal clear that he is not taking his eye off of the job he presently has.


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