The Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey is the first of its kind in American history, when it was constructed in 1870.

It was very different than what you see today. In the beginning, it was built in 10-foot wide sections that sat right on the beach sand.

It’s only purpose was comfort and to keep the sand out of the ritzy boardwalk hotel properties.

In fact, in the early years (the first 10 years), no commercial business was allowed to be conducted within 30 feet of the boardwalk.

At the end of the summer season, the boardwalk was taken up and stored until the next tourist season.

Now, the Atlantic City Boardwalk is a raised and it’s a sprawling 4.8 miles in length and it is the largest boardwalk in America.

It spans from Jackson Avenue at the border of Ventnor’s City to Madison Avenue at Historic Gardner’s Basin.

Many believe that the Boardwalk is the nicest street in Atlantic City.

It also serves as an official emergency route during inclement weather.

With all of that fun history in mind, the focus of this article is about the many different food items that have been available over the years.

When I was 14 years old and worked at The Cat Rack at Million Dollar Pier, on the left hand very front side was great food stand that had corn dogs and cheese covered in the fried corn batter.

The cheese covered in fried corn batter was one of my favorite boardwalk food items.

The photo below, is me at age 14, working The Million Dollar Pier Cat Rack.

Don P. Hurley photo.
Don P. Hurley photo.

I also loved the soft serve cherry water ice at The Steel Pier in the late 1960’s through early 1970’s. It was so delicious.

Of course, Taylor Pork Roll was simply outstanding, with cheese, of course.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Pizza was also one of my absolute favorite items.

For purposes of this article, I’m focusing on “Boardwalk Food” and not the great casino and non-casino restaurants that serve full service, wonderful gourmet food menus.

The list of what we all know as “Boardwalk Food” is very long indeed.

There are gyros, along with fried everything and anything … here are just some of the fried offerings that are available:

Oreos, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Hostess twinkies, Snickers, jalapenos, pickles and so many more.

You can even get fried ice cream.

Additional boardwalk food items include: subs, chicken, hot dogs, popcorn, candy, various chocolates, fudge, peanuts, soft pretzels, various dessert items, cotton candy and so much more.

I know that my list doesn’t even scratch the surface. Let me know what some of your favorite boardwalk food items were in days gone by and still are now.

Immediately below, please enjoy our photo galleries, featuring many priceless photographs from The Don P. Hurley Collection.

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