We reported this past Saturday, May 7, that Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small ordered the removal of the Fish Heads seafood sandwich food truck from Gardner’s Basin.

The above photo shows Fish Heads sitting in the Atlantic City Police Compound.

Today, Fish Heads owner Gregory “Dredgie” Wood has confirmed to us that his restaurant experienced unspecified damage during this rogue transport … which was directly ordered by Small in his official capacity as Atlantic City Director of Public Safety.

We cast no aspirations whatsoever upon the hardworking Atlantic City Police Tow Lot employees. They are great public servants, who were only following direct orders albeit, bad orders from Small.

Why was Fish Heads towed away during very inclement weather this past Saturday? What was the rush?

This could not have been a time-sensitive emergency, because as our team was taking photographs of Fish Heads' demise we photographed another food truck/trailer that is still sitting in place in Gardner’s Basin.

This establishment was not towed and placed into the Atlantic City Police Compound.

Don P. Hurley photo.
Don P. Hurley photo.
Don P. Hurley photo.
Don P. Hurley photo.

This mention is not to shine a negative light on this hardworking, long-standing Gardner’s Basin establishment.

It is merely to demonstrate that there is a clear double standard, being exhibited by Small and his perceived agenda against Dredgie Wood and Fish Heads.

We have been advised that the fine owner of the above second establishment is in the process of moving the business off of Gardner’s Basin property at some point.

Yet, only Fish Heads was towed away this Saturday.

Wood does not appear to have been treated with similar care and concern by Small.

Wood previously advised us that he is retaining legal counsel to seek damages against Small and potentially others.

Wood has operated Fish Heads Restaurant for 25 years in Atlantic City, with the past 6-7 years in Gardner’s Basin.

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New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina has been doing everything possible to try and turn Woods’ fate around regarding his saying:

This is an extremely unfortunate result to a situation that was easily preventable. The City can’t accomplish easy tasks like picking up trash throughout the City and getting light bulbs replaced, but wastes no time shutting down a hard-working minority business owner out of nothing but spite. Once again, hypocritical democrats that always scrounge for votes in communities of color at election time are nowhere to be found when there is an opportunity to engage to promote and help people after elections are over.

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