According to, only TWO people in New Jersey can claim to own their own private residential island. How would you like to become the third?

If you've got a little less than two million bucks in your bank account, you could be the proud owner of this gorgeous home on your own private island just off Long Beach Island.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I'm honestly surprised that the price is only listed at $1,849,900 (it was $1,999,900 earlier this summer, and dropped to $1,899,900 in July, then dropped to the current price in August). The big snag is the taxes - in 2019 the property was assessed at over a million bucks! Yikes. But hey, if you've got the money to buy a private island, you're probably not sweating taxes. Anyway, let's take a look inside!

LBI's Private Island For Sale

The listing is one of those that features virtual decor, so if you want to see what those rooms look like without any furnishings, check it out HERE. There are also a few more pictures of the bathrooms and some other angles.

While has the expected things like tax info and expected monthly payment, I also get a kick out of the fact that it mentions "Nearby Schools" and "Neighborhood". This is clearly not the kind of place you own if you have small children that are still in school - who the hell wants to throw the kids in the boat every morning just to bring them to the mainland so they can catch a bus to Beach Haven Elementary or Southern Region Middle or Southern Regional High School? And mentioning the "neighborhood" - man, the whole point of buying a private island is so that I wouldn't have "neighbors".

I'm going to need to wait until I hit the lottery to own this house, but if you've got the money and end up buying it, feel free to invite me over for your housewarming barbecue!

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