Garth Brooks caused quite a stir by donning a Barry Sanders jersey for a recent show in Detroit, Mich. Social media users who clearly aren't familiar with the football great mistook the country superstar's wardrobe choice for a political statement, posting angry comments on Brooks' photo and going viral in the process.

According to MLive, Brooks performed at Detroit's Ford Field on Saturday night (Feb. 22) wearing a Detroit Lions jersey with Sanders' name and number (No. 20) on the back. “I was lucky enough to be an athlete and to wear the same uniform as this guy wore in college. I was lucky to go to school with him," Brooks shared with the crowd in Detroit (both Brooks and Sanders, a Pro Football Hall of Fame running back, went to college at Oklahoma State University).

"You guys got the greatest player in NFL history in my opinion in this jersey. I love this man," Brooks added from stage on Saturday night. "He’s also one of the greatest human beings that you’ll ever get to witness and be with. He’s a good cat. It’s an honor to wear this jersey tonight."

All was well and good with Brooks' outfit selection until he shared a photo of himself in the jersey on social media. Fans and followers didn't understand that the country star was honoring the NFL great and instead thought he was showing support for Vermont senator and potential democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

In reply, misguided social media users slammed Brooks for allegedly backing Sanders and called him a socialist. Plenty of commenters also took the opportunity to reprimand Brooks for not keeping politics out of his career. That misguided political anger was met by another group of commenters who were eager to clarify the meaning of Brooks' jersey, all of which resulted in a viral Twitter thread compiling some of the conversation.

On Friday (Feb. 28), Sanders -- the football legend, not the politician -- entered the fray: "Hey @garthbrooks, want to be my VP? #Number20for2020" he tweeted.

Brooks' Detroit show was part of his Stadium Tour, which began with a 2018 show at Notre Dame Stadium. The trek will reportedly keep Brooks on the road, playing stadiums for the first time, for a number of years.

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