Don't expect Gov. Phil Murphy to offer much relief for record-high gas prices.

Although Murphy acknowledged "affordability is being challenged," he offered no New Jersey-based solutions.

There have been a number of proposals from both Republican and Democratic legislators, but few seem to have Murphy's support.

Speaking on News 12's "Ask Gov. Murphy," the governor expressed no support for self-serve gas. Murphy says he is unconvinced it would offer any savings at the pumps, and "I don't think there's a lot of support to change the system.

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It has also been suggested by some lawmakers that New Jersey offer a reduction, or suspension, of the state gas tax. Murphy made it clear he would not support that idea.

Murphy does, however, support a federal gas tax holiday.

"The best move, in my opinion, bar none," Murphy said, "Is for the feds to do a federal tax holiday. They can print money, we cant."

Murphy did offer some support for a possible gas rebate that was proposed by Republican Sen. Ed Durr, saying it was something he would consider.

After falling about two cents per gallon daily for the last week, gas prices in New Jersey have begun to rise again. Analysts believe prices have caught up with the drop in demand, and will now begin rising again with the price of oil.

AAA reports a one penny a gallon increase for regular, to an average of $4.20 a gallon in New Jersey as of Friday.

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