We have just conducted an exclusive interview with Hamilton Township, New Jersey (Atlantic County) Mayor Charles Cain.

Mayor Cain has confirmed that he may be filing a criminal complaint against former Hamilton Township Public Schools teacher Shafayeth Syed for his series of social media posts.

The Syed posts about Mayor Cain have been posted since he was arrested and terminated by the Hamilton Township Public Schools system for his alleged social media threats against the public school system.


On February 18, 2022, the Hamilton Township Police Department charged former employee, Shafayeth Syed for causing a false public alarm for allegedly posting threatening statements toward one of our Schools.

As a District we take the health, safety and welfare of our students and staff very seriously. Upon learning of this alleged post by Mr. Syed, we immediately notified law enforcement who worked with us to ensure the safety of our school community.

Mr. Syed had been suspended from the District on February 1, 2022 for his alleged unprofessional behavior and conduct as an educator. The reasons for his suspension was discussed with Mr. Syed in detail. Contrary to Mr. Syed's assertion, his suspension has nothing to do with his accusations about cyberbullying. Mr. Syed was later terminated on February 16, 2022 at the Hamilton Township Board of Education Meeting.

The Hamilton Township Public Schools system also previously confirmed that Syed returned to the school after his suspension and sent flowers to the school on Valentine’s Day.

Here is a link to our recent coverage about this:

Read More: Hamilton Township, NJ Teacher Fired Following Social Media Threat

We have also confirmed that Mayor Cain met with senior leadership of the Hamilton Township Police Department to discuss Syed’s social media posts since his termination.

Mayor Cain provided us with two examples of a social media post and comments from Syed. The post and comments are nasty and appear to be threatening in nature.

In the second post below, Syed writes that he does not regret his previous social media posts about the school.

Charles Cain
Charles Cain photo.
Charles Cain
Charles Cain photo.

”I am seriously considering filing a criminal complaint against Mr. Syed, as he has been posting a number of inflammatory comments … which are right to the line and  may cross the line into a public threat against me,” said Mayor Cain.

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