An adorable baby Hammerhead shark was caught just off the coast in Cape May on Monday. But what happens AFTER it's caught is chilling.

As our fishing Guru, Tom P. would say, "The catch is hoppin' it's way into the shore!"

Well...yes. BUT this baby Hammerhead was caught off the coast just 10 minutes after the family had been swimming in the ocean.

It wasn't just the catch that was a shock. According to NBC 10 Philadelphia, Colleen Marie and her family who caught the pup said that the young hammerhead was injured, saying it "had a nice chunk eaten out of it," while blood could be seen coming from the shark's mouth in the video.

After the photo op, the family quickly released the shark back into the Cap May waters- only to see a larger shark fin sticking out of the waves circling the water.

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