A 9-year-old Hammonton boy who frequently talked about being a police officer was recently honored by those who serve.

Christopher Sacco was struck by a vehicle this past April after he ran into a street near his home on Moss Mill Road while he was getting the mail.

According to an article from NJ.com shortly after the accident, Christopher played baseball for the Hammonton Little League and the Hammonton Hornets travel team, as well as football and soccer in the town. His mother said he dreamed of becoming a police officer.

And because of that dream, the Hammonton Police Department named Christopher an honorary police officer last month and retired his badge. On Facebook, the Hammonton Police Department posted an emotional tribute...

A few months ago the town suffered the tragic loss of Christopher Sacco. Christopher had always expressed to Patrolman Sbarra about how much he wanted to be a police officer. Christopher had not only hoped to work with Patrolman Sbarra, but he even joked about being his boss one day! Knowing Christopher desired to become a police officer Chief Jones and Patrolman Sbarra made that happen. On July 23, [2018], Christopher was given the title of Patrolman and his family received his badge; badge #99. The badge number was [immediately] retired upon issuance. Our friends at the New Jersey State Police also participated and provided the family with two certificates in honor of Christopher. It's now Christopher's job to keep us safe from the sky!

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