We've all heard it - stay home, don't shake hands, stay six feet away from other people.

A lot of people who can are already working from home. Schools are closed or probably closing. Some sort of self-isolation is recommended.

But - and this is a big but - are "shoobies" using the opportunity to take an extended vacation at their shore houses?

On social media it's easy to see the craziness going on at the grocery stores. It's happening here and nationwide. Toilet paper is becoming a major currency!

I'm also seeing reports of full restaurants - especially those that are open on or near the barrier islands of Cape May County. Is this really happening? Are people fleeing elsewhere and retreating to their shore houses for some fun and relaxation?

Now there's certainly nothing wrong with this - it's their homes, right? But when they just throw caution to the wind, it could have an impact on all of us, right? Am I over thinking this?

In a time where our economy is being hit, a crowded Saturday night in March is a good thing for local restaurants and bars, but is it a good thing for everyone's health?

Please comment below! I'd love to hear your thoughts and insight!

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