The Cape May Zoo is running a contest to name the new baby capybara pups that were born June 15.

Capybaras? Aren't they rodents? Well, yes, but not just any rodents.

Capybaras are the biggest rodent on Earth, according to National Geographic. They grow to be about twice the size of beavers (also rodents).

Like beavers, capybaras are strong swimmers. Their pig-shaped bodies are adapted for life in bodies of water found in forests, seasonally flooded savannas, and wetlands. That must be why they seem to have acclimated so nicely in Florida.

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Anyway, the baby capybara pups at the Cape May Zoo need names and the zoo is running a contest to name them.

Cape May County Commissioner E. Marie Hayes, the liaison to the Zoo, is quoted in a press release from the zoo talking about the contest.

"We are so excited to welcome these new babies to our Cape May County Zoo family. These naming contests are always so exciting for the public. It is always a great surprise."

Remember, the Cape May County Zoo is one of our local South Jersey treasures and it is absolutely free of charge, so money made through this contest will help pay the capybaras' rent for a while.

Here's how to help name the capybara pups. Go to before the Saturday, Aug. 21 deadline. You can submit your name suggestions for $5.

Three boy names and three girl names will be selected from the online submissions. The public will then vote for their favorites online and at the zoo's entrance.

Each vote costs $1, and the top name for each gender with the highest amount raised will win. The winning names will be announced on Labor Day weekend.

How about "Yogi capy-bara" for the boy? No? If you're going to laugh at my suggestion, I'm keeping my girl name suggestion to myself.

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