Hurley Exclusive: Letter confirms intent to file a criminal complaint against two Atlantic City police officers.

WPG Talk Radio 104.1's Harry Hurley has obtained an exclusive copy of an e-mailed letter (below) from Tuesday, July 24, 2018, addressed to "Investigators," whereby John F. May, Managing Director of Keystone Novelties Distributors, LLC confirms that he wants to "file a criminal complaint against (Atlantic City Police) Officers John Wadell and George Adams, who I (John May) believe are the officers identified on the tape participating in the incident, along with any other police department officials directly or indirectly involved with the incident," writes May.

"This includes anyone in the department that received Keystone fireworks removed by the officers noted above for which my company has received no compensation. At this point over $ 20,000 of fireworks remains unaccounted for and presumably removed by the AC Police Officers," concluded May.

Ducktown Tavern Owner, John Exadaktilos initially confirmed to me right before the July 4th Holiday weekend that a theft of fireworks had occurred. At that time, I obtained an exclusive copy of the video from the night of the alleged theft of the fireworks in question.

This is the first update in more than three weeks regarding these allegations. In his his letter, May has requested for a complaint form to be sent to him "so that I can formalize this complaint," wrote May.

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Stay tuned for additional updates as warranted.

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