What will outgoing Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian be doing once his term ends?

WPG's Harry Hurley has learned and confirmed that outgoing Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian has been offered the Business Administrators position with the city of Toms River.

My source further states that Guardian begins his work beginning January 1, 2018, at a salary of $175,000. His current salary is $103,000.

Mayor Don Guardian has served as mayor of Atlantic City since 2014. He was defeated by Democratic city councilman Frank Gilliam this past November.

In a press release from Wednesday morning, Guardian said,

Over the past few weeks I have the looked into some great opportunities concerning what I would do next after my term as mayor of Atlantic City was completed.  During that process, I discovered how much I really love serving residents in municipal government.  To me, there really is no other form of government that can so greatly improve a resident’s life than through municipal government. That is why I proudly announce today that I will be accepting the position of Business Administrator within the Township of Toms River.  I want to especially thank Toms River Mayor Tom Kelaher and the Toms River City Council for giving me this great opportunity.  I also want to thank the League of Municipalities for all their help in finding this opportunity.


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