This is a great, positive news story. Once again proving that it doesn’t matter how you start. It’s how you finish.

Back in April, 2020, Jim Falivene was having dinner in his own establishment, The Black Cat Bar and Grill. It was in the 7:00 p.m. hour, nearing closing time for his establishment for the day.

Jim has owned, operated and lived on premises at The Black Cat Bar and Grill for the past 41 years. He’s a local legend and institution.

On this evening, two New Jersey Alcohol, Beverage Control (ABC) inspectors had paid a visit to Jim. I always believed that this was just a big mistake that could be righted as long as calm heads prevailed.

Jim received a citation for allegedly violating Governor Phil Murphy’s executive order which has prohibited patrons from dining inside during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This was simply a misunderstanding. Jim was treated like he was serving patrons indoors. He was not. He was the owner, eating dinner in his own “home.”

Jim and I have just spoken. We had a great conversation. Jim wanted me to be the first to know. I appreciate Jim’s respect and consideration very much.

Jim has confirmed that The state of New Jersey has dismissed all ABC charges. The entire matter is over.

I had a great on-air visit with Jim for one hour last week.

Jim very professionally revealed on-air what had taken place.

I’m so pleased to report that Jim will not be facing a 10-day suspension from operating his business. And, there will be no fine whatsoever.

In the end, the state could not have been more reasonable and fair.

Numerous friends of mine in Trenton made sure that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was made personally aware of this injustice.

Governor Murphy doesn’t want anyone to be the unwitting victim of an undeserved punitive penalty. In this case, Jim Falivene was a victim of mistaken identity.

In the end, the state did the absolute right thing. As I always felt that they would, as soon as the “right” person became aware of the situation.

No one had a favor done for them or anything like that. The right decision-maker simply righted a wrong.

Jim Falivene was so pleased and grateful with the decision. I asked him for permission to write this epilogue, which he kindly granted me.

Let this serve as a lesson. It’s all about how you handle things in life.

Jim Falivene didn’t scorch the earth. He strongly believed that he had been wronged. He effectively addressed his grievance. His grievance was fairly reviewed by the state of New Jersey.

Jim reached out to me and I reviewed the circumstances. We followed this up with a great on-air discussion about what had happened.

It was done in a professional way, so that no one was trapped in their own position. Professional room was left for a favorable result to ultimately be achieved.

And, the end result could not have been more favorable.

Thank you to Governor Murphy and his staff for doing the absolute right thing. Over the years, many times we have witnessed governments at all levels stubbornly maintain their position, in favor of doing the right thing.

That didn’t happen here. Not even close.

This is just the latest example, why I love my job so much. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to help good people and to help build bridges. It is very rewarding.

Congratulations to all parties for doing the right thing.

Jim Falivene is a good man. Governor Murphy is also a very good man. This is a case study in how things should always be resolved.

Source: Jim Falivene.

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