These days, when large groups of people start congregating on the streets, we become conditioned to expect trouble is about to ensue.

It's become fairly common to see videos online of police breaking up big crowds of people.

This past weekend, a viral video featuring the blue and red lights of police cars, and kids scattering, had many people on social media asking, what is going on?

Viral Video Concerns Unwarranted

Without proper context, it's understandable why people in the area were concerned.

According to a report from Wildwood Video Archive, the concern was probably unwarranted.

There were several activities in the area over the weekend that featured teens of different ages.

Saturday night at 9, teens started to gather in the vicinity of Pacific and Roberts Avenue.

Police started receiving calls from citizens who were concerned with the growing number of kids that were beginning to gather.

Wildwood Curfew Doesn't Apply

It should be noted that while new curfews are in place for kids under the age of 18, those curfews don't kick in until 11:00.

Those who saw the video saw the lights of the police cars in the background with the kids scattering en masse.

Turns out, it was just a bunch of kids trying to start a mob dance (a group of people spontaneously dancing in the streets.

The report credits the police for their professionalism.

As for why the kids were running, it was just a case of kids being kids.

There were no fights reported nor was there damage.  Just some kids burning off energy.

Read the full story at Wildwood Video Archive, where you can also view the video.

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