It’s right to point out problems, so that solutions can be achieved.

However, it’s just as important to acknowledge when progress is being made.

We wrote an article 5 days ago regarding the content from our interview with a former Atlantic City, New Jersey major company President & Chief Executive Officer.

If you missed it, the criticism was blunt, but, fair. Here is a link to our previous article (below):

Read More: Former Executive On The Good, Bad & Ugly In Atlantic City, N.J.

The constructive criticism came directly from a seasoned executive, who served for many years at the highest level.

It’s also important to note how much he loves Atlantic City … meaning that the constructive criticism cones from a good place.

In retirement, this executive is on the boardwalk and many other areas of Atlantic City on a daily basis.

Below are the areas that he has observed that needed immediate improvement.

  • Only about 20 percent of the boards on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City are good. Nail and screws are popping up all over. This results in costly accident lawsuits and takes away the enjoyment of what should be a positive and pleasant experience.
  • The electric bikes should be outlawed. They travel at 25 miles per hour "and, someone is going to get killed."
  • Marijuana is everywhere. It's bad for business and not great for tourism.
  • Police presence is not very visible.
  • Dog poop in the north end is very bad.
  • Heroin zombies are all over the place.
  • Homeless laying in businesses doorways.

We ended our recent coverage on these various deficiencies with the words … The time to act is now.

Now for the good news.

As of today, we can share the following feedback, directly from the former executive:

  • Atlantic City Police have been visible the Boardwalk for the past 3 days.
  • The dog poop clean-up is now happening.
  • Noticeable improvement with the homeless situation.
  • Two crews are working daily.

We’ll continue to update this over time as additional progress is made.

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