In March. we had New Jersey Department of Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo on our show to address the many problems people were facing in trying to claim unemployment after the state shutdowns.

As the weeks went by, the problems never fully went away. We’ve heard from so many about the antiquated computer system kicking them off in mid-application or sending them appeals dates scheduled for the year 2040. The glitches were epic.

Trying to get a live human to talk to you about your claim has been fruitless for many thousands. Stories of calling as soon as phone lines open in the morning only to be told by automation that operators were too busy and to call back “the next business day.” Countless people have reported calling hundreds of times each day and never being able to get through.

Two months later, we wanted answers. It took weeks of trying to get the commissioner back on air. He finally agreed and was on with us Friday. To say his answers probably didn’t satisfy those who have legitimate claims and yet no money is an understatement.

Take a listen for yourself:

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