What began as a trip to the park could have ended in tragedy if not for the heroic efforts of a 7-year-old Beachwood boy.

Brandon Timoney was presented with a special award by the Lacey Township Police Chief David A. Paprota and Mayor Gary Quinn on Monday in recognition of his actions on Sept. 23 in the township, when a 911 call he placed saved the life of his mother.

On Sept. 23 at 11:30 a.m., Brandon and his mother, Marilyn Timoney, were in the care heading to meet friends at Gille Park in Lacey Township, when Marilyn began to feel faint.

"While driving on Western Boulevard toward Gille Park, Marilyn Timoney began to recognize that something was wrong. As she began to feel faint, she quickly pulled her vehicle safely to the side of the roadway near the Mill Pond Elementary School in Lanoka Harbor,"  Lacey police said in a statement on their Facebook page.

Authorities say the woman was suffering from an acute allergic reaction "and was quickly beginning to lose consciousness." Recognizing that she might pass out, Marilyn called out to her son, who was buckled in a booster seat in the rear of the car. She told Brandon to call 911 because something was wrong.

The boy unbuckled himself and quickly climbed into the front seat where he found his mother unresponsive and unconscious. He searched for her cell phone and dialed 911.

"Upon the 911 operator answering the phone, he maintained his composure and asked for help for his mother. Although unable to read yet, and not knowing what town he was in, he was able to provide essential information that assisted officers in locating his mother who was in need of immediate, emergency medical attention," police said in the press release.

Officers Noah Schaffer and Kymberly Gudgeon were able to immediately responded to the location, based on Brandon's information. Paramedics and Lanoka Harbor EMS crews then transported Marilyn to Community Medical Center "where she made a full recovery."

"Brandon is a true superhero and his efforts are worthy of commendation," police said.

On Oct. 12 the Lacey mayor and police chief welcomed Brandon to police headquarters where he met local police officers, toured the station and was presented with a Superhero Certificate. Brandon was also given a special Lacey Township Police Department Challenge/Pride Coin.

"The special coin is generally reserved for members of the police department, but due to Brandon’s exceptional efforts on Sept. 23, 2015, to assist the police department, he was awarded the coin by the chief," police said.

Dozens of people took time to congratulate the young hero on the Lacey Police Department's Facebook Page. One commenter, Jane Filer, said, "Brandon you did a great job. We need more people in all of our lives that are willing to help and care for others you are an example not only for others your age but also adults in our community. We are very proud of you."

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