You’ve been asking for vote by mail totals for Cape May and Cumberland Counties.

Here you go.

Michael Donahue and the Cape May Regular Republican Organization are having a very good early election cycle to date.

Here are the numbers of ballots mailed in as follows:


Through 10/26/20

Democrat turnout = 11,693 64.6%

Republican = 17,817 58.5%

Unaffiliated = 8,329 35.7%

Republicans lead Democrat vote by mail by 6,124 votes cast


Republicans = 14,806

Democrats = 8196

Total voter turnout through 10/26/20

51.48% turnout ... all voters

NOTE: Republicans defeated Democrats by 8,600 votes in 2016


Total Votes Cast = 34,081


Republicans = 9,346
Democrats 15,471
Unaffiliated/other = 8,873

Women = 18,359
Men = 15,100

Nearly 8,000 Republican voters have not as yet cast their vote by mail ballots.

New Jersey Senator Michael Testa, R-1 is the Cumberland County Republican Chairman and he’s the New Jersey state Co-Chairman for President Donald Trump’s campaign.

These numbers when paired with Atlantic County will largely decide whether United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew or challenger Amy Kennedy will win the 2nd Congressional District.

Also, the Craig Callaway factor is not reflected in the Atlantic County numbers that we reported yesterday.

Callaway will be a major factor in the following races:

United States House of Representative’s District 2

Atlantic County Surrogate

Atlantic County Sheriff

Atlantic County Freeholder (2 seats)

Atlantic County Freeholder - District 3

Atlantic City Board of Education

Pleasantville Board of Education

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