The sale of Mays Landing Golf & Country Club in Hamilton Township has reportedly gone through.

Frank Ruocco, an executive employee at Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, is the new owner of the event space and sports attraction located off Cates Road in Mays Landing, according to

Ruocco also counts Somers Point's Greate Bay Country Club as one of his properties.

After years of litigation in the court system about whether the golf course at Mays Landing Golf & Country Club could potentially be redeveloped, it's still somewhat unclear what Ruocco's plans to do with it.

Fairways at Mays Landing Clubhouse
Google Maps

The clubhouse known as The Fairways at Mays Landing was reportedly foreclosed on, so it will be interesting to see if or how gets brought back to life.

Frank Ruocco first pitched his interest in buying Mays Landing Golf & Country Club in 2023 but had to jump through a number of legal hurdles before his bid was accepted. The country club and golf course reportedly sold for $2.5 million, according to

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