Former President Donald Trump is summering in New Jersey. He has reportedly been living at his Bedminster golf club since June and will remain until the Fall.

In the past, it would have drawn daily protests outside the posh resort, but an anti-Trump group is taking a different approach this year.

The Lincoln Project, a group of anti-Trump Republicans, has begun airing commercials on cable TV targeting Trump and trying to get into his head.

The ads on Fox News and the Golf Channel play to Trump's ego at a time when the former president is considering another run for the White House but is facing an increasing number of threats from within his own party.

Playing on Trump's increasing rivalry with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the ads speak directly to Trump, saying, "You made him (DeSantis), and he betrayed you."

DeSantis has been a rising star in the national GOP and is considered a strong candidate to win the Republican nomination in 2024.

"Ron DeSDantis betrayed you. He's taking everything from you. By the time you fight back, it will be too late," the ad teases.

The co-founder of the Lincoln Project, Rick Wilson, told they know the ads will irritate Trump. " We always know where he is, and how to get in his brain," Wilson said.

DeSantis, who is running for reelection in Florida, has neither confirmed or denied a potential White House bid. He is, however, planning a key out-of-state fundraiser.

The Washington Examiner reports DeSantis will hold a fundraiser in Utah July 19.

Recent poll data did show the gap narrowing between Trump, if he runs, and DeSantis. Trump still leads the Florida governor 45% to 36%.

Trump has taken note of recent polls, even saying he would be able to "get along" with DeSantis, leading to speculation the two could team up in 2024 with DeSantis as Trumps running mate.

The ads being run by the Lincoln Project seek to derail that possibility, playing into Trumps ego and demand for loyalty by painting DeSantis as "betraying" Trump.

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