We turned to our wonderful team of listeners, readers, family members and friends to share famous songs … whereby the actual lyrics are different than what they thought there were.

This was so much fun to gather these selections for your enjoyment to read as follows:

It all started with mine:

Whenever I would hear James Taylor sing “Up On The Roof” … it sounded like he was saying, “A Pony Room” at about 3 minutes into the song.

Tom Cantone says there’s one song comes to mind by Tommy James.

For years I thought it sounded like Money Money, but it's Mony Mony.

Well, you make me feel (Mony, Mony)

So (Mony, Mony)

Good (Mony, Mony)

Yeah (Mony, Mony)

So good (Mony, Mony)

Alright (Mony, Mony)

Come on (Mony, Mony)

Alright, baby (Mony, Mony).

From Mark Giannantonio:


I Want to Hold Your Hand.

Should be "I can't hide.” always sing "I get high.”

From: Karen Hurley McDonald:

It took me a minute but anyway, how embarrassing is this one …

Tim McGraw song I thought he was saying 7500 Oreo when it was actually 7500 OBO!

From Jeannie Medinger Tate:

Led Zeppelin Livin Lovin Maid, "she's just a woman" my lyrics, "she's just a walrus.

From His Honor, J.E. Isman:

Creedence Clearwater Revival There's a Bad Moon On the Rise ( Bad Moon Rising)There's a Bathroom on the Right.

Commander Bill Butler:

Jimi Hendrix….. Purple Haze ..... excuse me while I kiss the sky.... or guys.

From Tim Housand:

ABBA. See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen. (Real lyrics: see that girl, watch that girl, dig in the dancing queen).

From Sue Sandman:

Frankie Valli MY EYES ADORED YOU. I always thought it was MY EYES OF GEORGIA until my girlfriends broke my chops on the drive to California.

Sue Sandman, you are closer than you thought. Here is a Don P. Hurley fun fact about this song:

Don said: Sue Sandman it's funny you hear this.

The original title of the song was "Blue Eyes In Georgia." But the line "My Eyes Adored You" was so strong that it became the concept for the song.

From Laura Sivilic Banks, this gem!

We Will Rock You - "Kickin your cat all over the place.”

Note: it should be “can.”

From Michael John Donohue:

"Twenty, twenty, twenty four hours to go. I wanna piece of cake! Nothing to do, nowhere to go-oh-oh. I wanna piece of cake!!"

Ramones. I Wanna Be Sedated.

From the incomparable Margie Fineran Hurley:

The entirety of Manfred Man's "Blinded by the Light"

Written by the Great Bruce Springsteen!!!

From Shawn Rowan:

My Toyota!

My Sharona! The Knack.

From Linda Faunce Rosas:

A song by Credence Clearwater Revival…

He sings there's a bad moon on the rise and I/we hear.....there's a bathroom on the right.

From Tom Connor:

I always heard other people sing the wrong words to songs and it use to freak me out back when I was young. I was always able to hear the words and the the notes to songs. But not as much these days.

From Linda Curnow:

Special Lady by Ray Goodman and Brown.

Pop up went the weasel in my mind real lyrics Pop pop went the reason in my mind.

But it was my husband who got it wrong!


Dot Enos Farrell

Rolling Stones Beast of burden

I'll never be your beast of burden

But we heard …

I think I smell your pizza burnin.

Dot, this is one of my favorites submitted so far.

From Jersey Linda:

Monday Monday, mama and poppas I think it about having someone special.

From Christina Thomas:

It must have been love, but I'm sober now.

Imagine my surprise the first time I sang it at rehearsal and learned those were not the lyrics!

From Lynne Dash:

There's a bad moon on the rise...

There's a bathroom on the right... CCR

From Jerry Shockey:

Simon and Garfunkel. Momma don't take my kodachrome away. I always thought they were singing, "momma don't take my corn pone away.”

I thought it was a cereal from the south.

From Tony Zarych:

All you need is love....

From Juliet Monfardini McDevitt:

"Let's pee in the corner, let's pee in the spotlight". Correct lyric: "That's me in the corner, that's me in the spotlight" from R.E.M.'s 'Losing my religion'

From Katie Maddock McCabe:

Madonna…... 'Last night I dreamt of San

Pedro'We already heard... 'last night I dreamt of Soft Bagels'

Must have been hungry.

From Lauren Hurley Lauriello:


Misheard "it's gonna be May" instead of the actual lyric. "it's gonna be me"

From Sam Mento Ill …

"Lion" eyes by the Eagles lol I was a kid.

Lauren also wrote:

Also Kristin Hurley Baker, “love is a honey bee.”#loveisallyouneed

From Don P. Hurley

England Dan & John Ford Coley. (Love this song).

England Dan And John Ford Coley's, "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" Misheard Lyrics:

I'm not talkin about my live-in.

Original Lyrics:

I'm not talkin 'bout movin' in.

From Jill Ann Perry-Zaborowski:

Peter Gabriel Games without frontiers, many hear "She's so popular, when it's Jeux sans frontieres

(Which in French translates to Games without frontiers).

I hope that you enjoyed this fun topic.

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