It's easy to sit at home and solve puzzles on Wheel of Fortune with ease.

Imagine being on stage with the bright lights shining on you. Suddenly, it's not so easy.

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Last week was Teachers' Week on Wheel of Fortune, as the game show saluted the fine educators in our country.

One of the teachers playing for cash and prizes was from right here in the Garden State.

Sam Levine, an educator at Lloyd Road Elementary in Matawan is a game show nut, to say the least.

When Pat Sajak was getting to know the contestants at the beginning of the show, Sam revealed that he was so into game shows at a young age that his bar mitzvah was game show themed.

Clearly, Sam had a lot of time to hone his skills before stepping up to the big time on Wheel of Fortune.

Levine managed to beat out the other two teachers and move on to the bonus round.

The subject was "fun and games." After adding the tried and true R, S, T, L, N, E, the puzzle looked like this:

__ R __ __ T__ __ __ L

__ __ __ E

Think you know it?

After guessing some very lucky extra letters, the answer became clear to Sam, and most of us watching.

P R A C T __ C A L

__ __ __ E

The answer: Practical joke.

Pat Sajak opened the prize envelope that Sam had chosen at the beginning of the round and it revealed that Levine had won a shiny new red Nissan.

Congrats, Sam!

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