The good news is that Cory Booker has dropped out of the Democratic primary and his ridiculous antics will no longer get much national attention.

The bad news is that he is still our US Senator.

One of the most privileged, wealthy, divisive people in American politics has suspended his campaign for the Presidency. He will continue his antics in Senate hearings and interviews on national TV. He seemed to seek to divide everyone on race, gender, class, any difference he could think of and then claim to be the answer.

His performances were so blatantly false and disingenuous that it's hard to believe anyone would buy his nonsense. He tried to be the second coming of Obama, but turned out to be the second rate clown we here in NJ knew him to be. His tirades were so blatantly phony and unbelievable that anyone here would cringe to hear him on a national stage. Yet for a while it seemed like he might get some traction, and then thankfully he didn't. Now he can go back to finding a way to grandstand in the US Senate, and his B-list actress pretend girlfriend can find a new acting job that pays better.

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