ENGLEWOOD — A chiropractor previously accused of groping and exposing himself to female patients has had his license permanently revoked.

The state Board of Chiropractic Examiners filed its final decision revoking Dr. Archer Irby in July. According to the decision, a judge found four female patients more credible than Irby.

Prior to his arrest in 2016, Irby operated a clinic in Englewood with his wife, Randi. According to his LinkedIn profile, Irby Spine Care first opened on Grand Avenue in 2007.

The decision outlined several accusations, including that Irby groped, made sexual comments, and exposed himself to the patients. Acting Attorney General Matthew Platkin said in a statement Monday that Irby abused the patients' trust.

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“Any professional engaging in this kind of depraved misconduct can expect to face severe consequences," Platkin said.

Following an October 2019 trial spanning two weeks, Irby was acquitted by a jury on five counts, including criminal sexual contact.

He was arrested in July 2016 after authorities said a woman fled his Englewood office on foot. Audio of the woman calling 911 and saying Irby put his mouth on her breast was played at his trial, NorthJersey.com reported.

According to Platkin, one month after Irby's arrest, he agreed to a temporary suspension of his professional license.

Along with permanently revoking Irby's license, the board's decision compels him to pay $70,000 in civil penalties and $91,317.20 in costs and attorney’s fees. Full payment must be made within 18 months, according to the decision.

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