🚨Cars honked in frustration as cars squealed tires in the intersection

🚨Traffic was stopped in both directions at the Victory Bridge

🚨Democrats turned the incident political

MARCH 21 update: Police promise more arrests

PERTH AMBOY — Videos captured a group of cars spinning out and doing donuts at the base of the Victory Bridge on Sunday afternoon.

Traffic was stopped in both directions of Route 35 approaching Smith Street with drivers honking their horns in frustration as the cars drove in a circle in the middle of the intersection, kicking up smoke from their squealing tires.

A crowd gathered on the road to watch the drivers.

One truck driver grew impatient and pulled into the intersection at the risk of being hit by the cars to make a left turn onto Smith Street.

Perth Amboy Local Scoop caught it on video. 

Report continues after the video.

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More "donut incidents" in Middlesex County?

Perth Amboy police said their officers were able to respond quickly to the incident and intercepted some of the vehicles involved. One driver, a non-resident, was charged. Several others involved were identified and also face charges.

"We condemn this dangerous behavior and are committed to maintaining public safety," the department said on its Facebook page.

Police said there were other instances of drivers "blocking traffic and drifting recklessly" in Middlesex County on Sunday but did not disclose where.

Report continues after the video.

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Democrats make incident policital

The group Democrats for Perth Amboy took the occasion to criticize police Chief Larry Cattano for what they say is his lack of experience and qualifications and called on Mayor Helmin Caba to replace him.

"The residents of Perth Amboy call on Mayor Caba to honor his 2020 campaign promise: to hire a qualified and competent police professional to lead our police department," the group said.

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