A new lottery game, Quick Draw, has launched in New Jersey this week, offering a new type of lottery play with numbers electronically drawn.

New Jersey Lottery spokeswoman Judy Drucker says it's a fast-paced game being offered at 400 locations, such as bars, restaurants and bowling alleys.

"A television screen electronically displays the game board, and the Lottery electronically draws 20 numbers out of a pool of 80 numbers."

Players select one to 10 numbers, or spots. Players win by matching some or all of their numbers to the 20 numbers that are drawn.

Players can dive into this game for a dollar, or play a maximum of $10 a game, with the size of the prize dependent on the purchase amount. Players can win up to a million dollars.

On Monday morning, first day of the new game, there were 735 winners out of 3,150 tickets sold.

You can find all of the details and game rules, the odds and the prizes on the New Jersey Lottery website, njlottery.com.

"If you are playing and you have to leave or you buy a ticket and you do not have time to check, you can always go to the New Jersey Lottery website and all of the winning numbers are going to be displayed on the website, as well as on the New Jersey Lottery app."

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