ELIZABETH — Members of the New Jersey Muslim Coalition on Tuesday condemned the terrorist attacks that Ahmad Khan Rahami has been suspected of carrying out in Seaside Park and Chelsea on Saturday.

Council of American-Islamic Relations of New Jersey's executive director, Jim Sues, said they "condemn these acts of violence as not Islamic and representative of Muslims."

The religious officials gathered at the Muslim Community Center of Union County.

"We are asking for calm in the community and for people not necessarily form their opinions about all Muslims by these kind of acts and we're also asking politicians to use restraint in their rhetoric as not to sign a negative line at home against American Muslims."

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the 29 innocent people who were injured in the blast in New York City and those in New Jersey who were put at risk of injury," the coalition said in a statement. "We also pray for the quick recovery of the Linden police officers who were injured during their prompt and heroic actions to capture the suspect,"

Sues said that people who advocate violence or have similar views to ISIS "have perverted Islam."

Sues advised that their family and imam should be notified as "these are the best people that would be in the best position to push them back onto the right track."

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