The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey managed to secure tens of millions of dollars from toll evaders in 2023, the agency announced on Monday.

Some parties were responsible for more than $100,000 in unpaid tolls and fees all on their own.

The bi-state agency increased the number of tickets written for toll invasion last year, compared to 2022, and recovered more money from toll cheats.

Through all of last year, Port Authority police issued more than 5,800 summonses related to toll evasion (nearly 4,700 were written in 2022). Most involved license plates that were obstructed from a camera's view, or plates that were missing or fake.

The more than $25 million recovered from folks who didn't pay at the time of using a bridge or tunnel represents a 14% jump from the money recovered by the agency in 2022.

"With increased patrols and the deployment of more technology across our infrastructure, we will catch toll violators and they will pay what they owe," Port Authority Chairman Kevin O'Toole said. "Tolls fund the critical infrastructure that stitch our region together, and drivers will not be able to skate by and steal."

Toll evaders who repeatedly do not pay their bills on time may be subject to having their vehicles' registrations impounded, the Port Authority said. Also, one's vehicle can be towed and impounded at the owner's expense.

Repeat offenders could also be open to civil litigation for toll recovery.

The following people/entities were ordered to pay the largest civil judgements to the Port Authority in 2023 for unpaid tolls and fees:

⚫ EM Padilla Trucking Corp (Weehawken, New Jersey): $201,358.53

⚫ JRK Xpress Corp (Reading, Pennsylvania): $185,045.90

⚫ Do 1 Right Services LLC (Lodi, New Jersey): $141,077.06

⚫ Garth Virgil (Englewood, New Jersey): $135,867.70

⚫ Maria Rodriguez (Teaneck, New Jersey): $134,801.69

⚫ JLL 1 Logistics Inc. (Belleville, New Jersey): $132,288.55

⚫ Emily Courier Corp (Elizabeth, New Jersey): $93,288.76

⚫ New Generation Transport (Bronx, New York): $86,257.50

⚫ Salsam Transport LLC (South Hackensack, New Jersey): $85,290.50

⚫ Richard Sullivan (Hackensack, New Jersey): $78,632.80

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