If, while drinking your favorite brew, you have ever wondered how much beer people in New Jersey drink, you might be in for a surprise.

Per capita, New Jersey ranks almost last out of all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The Garden State ranked 48th, tied with Connecticut. Maryland was 50th and Utah, where the large Mormon population there abstains from consuming alcohol, was 51st (again, 50 states and DC).

We ranked two places above a state where most people don't drink beer!

But then why does it seem like everyone is drinking beer every time you go to a restaurant (and sit outside) or a bar (remember when you could go to a bar and hang out with friends and grab a beer? Those were the days).

We certainly have enough reasons to drink beer -- high taxes, congested roads, shoobies, the weather, because the sun is up, because the sun went down, because the sun is still down, because the sun will come up soon, you raise a pint because you like Gov. Murphy, you chug a glass because you hate Gov. Murphy...

Anyway, the website vinepair.com, which describes itself as the, "largest digital media company delivering accessible, entertaining, and inspiring content about drinks and the experiences you have with a glass in hand" (i.e. people sit around all day writing about alcohol), ranked all 50 states and released their findings a few weeks ago.

As for who is at the top -- New Hampshire was #1, followed by Montana, Vermont, and then North and South Dakota.

Our neighbors in Pennsylvania were at #8 and Delaware was 21st.

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