By this time next year, retailers in New Jersey could be banned from opening their doors before 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

State Senator and former Governor Richard Codey (Townsquare Media)

State Sen. Richard Codey (D-Livingston) said he's tossing the idea around in an attempt to avoid "Black Thursday." An increasing number of stores, malls and outlets have decided to operate on Thanksgiving, with many opening before noon.

"Let's hold off and let the families stay home," Codey told Townsquare Media. "It's a day of thanks and, more importantly, a day of family."

Codey said consumers have a choice on whether to interrupt their holiday in the name of retail, but most employees don't have that choice.

In a survey released by the National Retail Federation, 18 percent of shoppers said they would search for deals on Thanksgiving Day. The overwhelming majority said they would wait until Black Friday.

Blue laws prevent stores from opening at all on Thanksgiving in Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island.

"We already have a Black Friday to kick-off the shopping season," Codey said. "We don't need a Black Thursday that replaces Thanksgiving."